Risque Raver
Risque Raver
I'm 21 yrs old,and livin' in NYC, NY. I love: people, music, games, parties, intoxicants, and of course the vaG. I'm only shallow to those who look skin deep.
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Reblog for the last one

it’s a game show where everyone eats the furniture in a room and tries to see which is made of chocolate

So basically you’re telling me this is the best fucking game ever created

I want to play this so badly

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Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova’s surrealist series using real animals; with the help of professional trainers.

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The Utonagan is a breed of dog that resembles a wolf, but in fact is a mix of three breeds of domestic dog: Alaskan Malamute, German Shepherd, and Siberian Husky.


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